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about me

My name is Averry Cox and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate. My approach is client-centered and internalized-oppression focused; meaning I believe that the messages you receive during your childhood and from the world around you impacts your perceptions and beliefs about yourself as an adult. Often times these messages have a negative impact on our self-esteem, relationships, communication capabilities, perception of those around us, and self-worth.


As your therapist I will help you challenge these beliefs to rewrite your story so that eventually you will feel comfortable and confident in being yourself. I am a believer in honesty, playfulness, curiosity, and direct communication, and encourage clients to engage with these characteristics during session.  I often use humor to help clients feel comfortable in expressing themselves, and encourage them to be comfortable and compassionate with their authenticity.


I am also a woman of color, and understand for those with diverse backgrounds, that finding a therapist of color is difficult. I extend a warm invitation to people from all cultures to join me in therapy.



Men's issues

Women's issues
African American/Black intersectionality










Individuals $125 for 60 minutes; $185 for 90 minutes

Couples $150 for 60 minutes; $225 for 90 minutes

Families $150 for 60 minutes; $225 for 90 minutes

Cancellations without a 24 hour notice will be billed as an hour.

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I do not accept insurance, however I am able to provide a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance. I am also able to provide a discounted rate that is dependent on your individual needs if I have openings. Don't let a number stop you from achieving your goals! I accept payment via Ivy pay, cash, or check.


Couples Therapy

I understand that over time through routine, work, aging, and children, relationships may lose their closeness. Some of my specialty work includes assisting partners in hitting the refresh button by helping navigate difficult conversations to assist in growth, empathy, and intimacy within the relationship, and to improve communication.

Romantic Couple

Individual Therapy

I support individuals in mending their self-compassion by encouraging curiosity in discovering the unhelpful patterns that are active in their life; and assisting them in developing the skills to break the negative cycles, better their quality of life, and alter their mindset surrounding their problems.

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Family Therapy

I help families navigate their current life or relational struggle to unify and redirect their energies into an agreed upon resolution. My goal is to help couples and families become a team; working towards the same goal, as opposed to focusing on the problem and working as individuals in a system pitted against one another.

Family at a Beach

Let's get started.

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