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Averry Cox


My name is Averry Cox and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a Black and White biracial, neurodivergent AUDHD, perceivably young, bi-sexual, cisgender woman, and I am a single mother.


I mention this because with these identities, I experience firsthand the complex messages from society about my worth, value, and place in this world; you may have even had reactions or thoughts while reading that sentence.


As a woman of color and trauma survivor, I understand how limiting and unsafe therapy can feel for those with diverse backgrounds seeking support, honest expression, relatability, and genuine understanding in a non-judgmental environment.


I extend a warm invitation to families, individuals, and couples from all cultures to join me in therapy.

Areas of Expertise

Emotional Abuse
Unresolved Parent Trauma
Internalized Oppression
Cognitive dissonance/Incongruence
Poly/Open relationships
Sexuality Exploration/Expression

BIPOC Intersectionality
LGBTQ+ Affirming



Individuals $190 for 50 minutes; $285 for 80 minutes

Couples $250 for 50 minutes; $375 for 80 minutes

Families $250 for 50 minutes; $375 for 80 minutes

Cancellations without a 48 hour notice will be billed as scheduled.

*Good Faith Estimate

You have the right to and will receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your mental health care will cost after receiving services. You can ask for a Good Faith Estimate prior to scheduling a service as well.


For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit


I accept payment via Ivy pay.


I am out of network provider and do not accept insurance, however I am able to provide a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement.


am also able to provide a discounted rate that is dependent on your individual needs if I have openings. Don't let a number stop you from freeing your best self.

Couples Therapy

I understand that over time through routine, unresolved issues, and repetitive interactions, relationships may feel overwhelming or stagnant. Some of my specialty work includes assisting partners in identifying unhelpful cycles that stem from negative beliefs solidified from their individual upbringings. By helping process, understand, and navigate the difficult personalized meanings that feed these relational blocks, we invite ease, emotional expression, empathy, and intimacy back into the relationship.

Whether traditional or non-traditional, I love helping couples and systems create their ideal relationship from the foundation up.

Individual Therapy

I support individuals in mending their self-compassion by encouraging curiosity in discovering and changing unhelpful cycles, and assist them in developing the skills to break negative patterns, better their quality of life, and alter their mindset surrounding their problems. I also love working with Autistic people, or AUDHD in the discovery and unmasking process.

By going back to their upbringing, we can trace the origins of where the judgmental and devaluing beliefs come from, and work together to redefine and free who they know themselves to be.

Family Therapy

I help families with adult children navigate their current life or relational struggle to unify and redirect their energies into a resolution that feels good to every member.


My goal is to help families be comfortable in themselves, function healthily, master emotional expression during vulnerable communication, and to increase empathy.

Trauma Work

Whether it's healing from an abusive or neglectful upbringing, healing from an abusive relationship, or trying to exit or navigate a toxic relationship that's currently happening, my focus is to help reach clarity and decisiveness towards the situation.

The goal is emotional attunement to self, emotional regulation, helping the individual or system learn to prioritize safety; listening to the voice that desires protection, and helping the client make decisions based on desire, not obligation or fear. 

Healing can feel daunting and scary, as well as cyclical and disappointing. I understand breaking patterns takes time, and will help make taking up space become the new norm.

What to expect

In any of the above listed dynamics, therapy with me looks like me attuning to you and asking a lot of questions so I can develop a true understanding of your reality. I might challenge your current navigation of the issues you are experiencing by reframing your narrative, and requesting you participate in different exercises to explore and encourage potential perspective shifts. Theses exercises involve art, role play, journaling, and other methods to help you understand yourself. I often employ a narrative approach, speaking in a visual sense or analogies.

My process is client-centered, attachment informed, and internalized-oppression focused; meaning I believe that the messages and attention you receive during your childhood and from the world around you impacts your perceptions and beliefs about yourself as an adult. Because these messages oftentimes drive us into unhealthy relationships, I very frequently help identify compulsions of performativeness to help break abusive patterns motivated by anxiety or powerlessness. I offer a space to unpack the inconsistencies between the small inner voice of intuition and what has been taught to be believed, to get to the root of what’s keeping you from being who and how you want to be, and magnify the positive messages around you that encourage the true person you are aiming to become.


Working with me is a very personalized and intentional experience where the directives and activities are specific to your interests and needs. The tempo is set by you; I am here to hold you in your vulnerability, remind you of your humanity, and challenge the years of tough messages that have you minimizing yourself. Overall, I am here to educate and encourage you to take space, because most clients I work with have been taught they deserve the exact opposite.

As your therapist I look forward to validating your experience of the pressures unique to you, and encouraging the utilization of self-given permission that allows you to be the you that feels authentic and honest.

My philosophy

Regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ability, and all we identify as; we all experience "isms" and receive labels and messages from society and our upbringing that attempt to dictate how we operate in relation with others, what we’re worth, and how we perceive ourselves.

Often times these messages and attention or lack thereof have a negative impact on our self-esteem, relationships, communication capabilities, perception of those around us, and self-worth. I understand that the labels we receive from others, and the way we see ourselves are oftentimes conflicting, and create cognitive dissonance that can be quite unsettling.

My goal as your therapist is to reach clarity with you in discovering and freeing your authentic self so that these messages don’t continue to oppress your power to process your feelings, have healthy relationships, be vulnerable, communicate effectively, and function in a comfortable, confident manner.


As a person that continues to do the work to live as my most organic self while affirming who I desire to be in a world of isms; I personally love to do the work of discovering liberation with clients in session.

The Incurable Longing


My passion around self-growth, vulnerability, and relational curiosity go beyond the role of therapist/client. I am the therapist I am because of my lived experience, and I deeply believe in doing the work myself--- so much so that I wrote this symbolic memoir as a means to process how Disorganized Attachment has shown up in my life: having poor boundaries, participating in toxic relationship dynamics, and ultimately trying to gain the sight of my mother through these painful, often one-sided experiences. I depict the heartbreaking and confusing experience of being in an abusive relationship with a Narcissist to help those identify emotional abuse they may currently be suffering, but are likely being gaslit about. I also wanted to illustrate what real time processing looks like for those new at it, and embody the values I want for the world-- honest expressions that aren't filtered because that's real, and no one is impervious to their environmental messaging; not even a therapist who should "know better".


I challenge the conditioned response and internalized shame of experiencing and expressing contrary emotions, feelings, and needs, while normalizing the messy human experience. I delve into how insecure attachment styles form and continue to impact adults throughout their lives, and share my story through the lens of six major emotions, poetry, prose, short stories, and personal essays to create an intentional journey for the reader. There is perspective shared and validation given for all parties involved in these dynamics, which allows for empathy, acceptance, and release if necessary. 

Self-reflect; examine your beliefs, your life approach, and how you show up for yourself and others. I end the book with reflective questions in the final chapter as well as breaks in between chapters that encourage and guide you in processing, absorbing, and understanding your reading experience. In the end, my hope is increased emotional attunement, liberation from societal and familial pressures and expectations, awareness, inspir
ation to express feelings, an ability to identify and set boundaries, choose healthy relationships, make peace with your past, and practice self-compassion as I model throughout the book.

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The content provided is for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this content should be construed or assumed to constitute personal or professional treatment, therapy, diagnosis, or to replace medical or mental health treatment. 


Contact Me

Tel: 509-270-4878

*All sessions are online at this time.*


If you're ready to show up and do the work, I'm ready to help.

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