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Experience evolvement and liberate your authenticity.

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Individual Therapy

I support individuals in mending their self-compassion by encouraging curiosity in discovering the unhelpful patterns that are active in their life; and assisting them in developing the skills to break the negative cycles, better their quality of life, and alter their mindset surrounding their problems.

Couples Therapy

I understand that over time through routine, unresolved issues, and normative cycles, relationships may lose their closeness. Some of my specialty work includes assisting partners identify unhelpful cycles. By helping process, understand, and navigate difficult topics we invite emotional expression, empathy, and intimacy back into the relationship.

Family Therapy

Three Generations

I help families with adult children navigate their current life or relational struggle to unify and redirect their energies into a resolution that feels good to every member. My goal is to help couples and families be comfortable in themselves, with emotional expression during communication, and to increase empathy.


Individuals $190 for 50 minutes; $285 for 80 minutes

Couples $250 for 50 minutes; $375 for 80 minutes

Families $250 for 50 minutes; $375 for 80 minutes

Cancellations without a 48 hour notice will be billed as scheduled.

Interior Design


I am out of network provider and do not accept insurance, however I am able to provide a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement. I am also able to provide a discounted rate that is dependent on your individual needs if I have openings. Don't let a number stop you from freeing your best self. I accept payment via Ivy pay.


BIPOC intersectionality











Men's issues

Women's issues

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About Averry


My name is Averry Cox and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a Black and White biracial, perceivably young, queer, cisgender woman, and a non-partnered mother. I mention this because with these identities, I experience firsthand the complex messages from society about my worth, value, and place in this world; you may have even had reactions or thoughts while reading that sentence. Regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ability, and all we identify as; we all experience "isms" and receive labels and messages from society and our upbringing that attempt to dictate how we operate in relation with others, what we’re worth, and how we perceive ourselves. My goal as your therapist is to reach clarity with you in discovering and freeing your authentic self so that these messages don’t continue to oppress your power to process your feelings, be vulnerable, communicate effectively, and function in a comfortable, confident manner. As a person that continues to do the work to live as my most organic self while affirming who I desire to be in a world of isms; I personally love to do the work of discovering liberation with clients in session.


As a woman of color, I understand how limiting and unsafe Seattle can feel for those with diverse backgrounds seeking support, honest expression, relatability, and genuine understanding in a non-judgmental environment. I extend a warm invitation to families, individuals, and couples from all cultures to join me in therapy.



Therapy with me looks like me attuning to you and asking a lot of questions so I can develop a true understanding of your reality. I might challenge your current navigation of the issues you are experiencing by reframing your narrative, and requesting you participate in different exercises to explore and encourage potential perspective shifts. My approach is client-centered, attachment informed, and internalized-oppression focused; meaning I believe that the messages and attention you receive during your childhood and from the world around you impacts your perceptions and beliefs about yourself as an adult. Often times these messages and attention or lack thereof have a negative impact on our self-esteem, relationships, communication capabilities, perception of those around us, and self-worth. I understand that the labels we receive from others, and the way we see ourselves are often times conflicting and create cognitive dissonance that can be quite unsettling. I offer a space to unpack these inconsistencies to get to the root of what’s keeping you from being who and how you want to be, and identifying the positive messages around you that encourage the true person you are aiming to become. As your therapist I look forward to validating your experience with the pressures unique to you, and encouraging the utilization of self-given permission that allows you to be the you that feels authentic and honest.


Let's get started.

All sessions are via telehealth for the foreseeable future.


I look forward to working with you.

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